Monday, 18 January 2016

the photo are of my legs iv got a illness called lymphoedema it can be at times very pain full and itchy
iv been in touch with my doctor be he said if it was cancer related the N.H.S would fund it but because my one is not cancer related the N.H.S will not fund it but he said there is treatment out there but not on the N.H.S the fund's are not available for non cancer related lymphoedema in the mean time people like my self have to suffer with it.
Yet the gov can spend money abroad on health problems what about there own people with problems like this yes im fed up with it yes there is treatment there but gov will not fund it
yes i find it very hard to walk like this my doctor said do more walking but how can i when my legs are so pain full and very very heavy
im in a catch 22 situation now with my health yes i'm fighting for help.
N.H.S gone down hill not the word.