Monday, 13 January 2014

  1. my feelings on football is a load of mad men well paid kicking a ball round the pitch as you can gather i don't like football at all this is not said to up set anyone on facebook its just how i fell about football the only sport i will watch is a bit not all of it is darts and golf and snooker saying that i can't play the game my self the last time i tried i ripet the table cloth with the snooker... cube i can't get the hang holding the cue properly but i don't mind watching it same with golf and darts im not a sport person as u can see thats me for you

    i don't like any alcohol what so ever i dont drink

    i don't smoke at all (non smoker)

    i hate them not for me at all (the police do a grreat job in this matter (this is not said to up set anyone)

    i do like collecting my models of vehicles

    i like computers i can build a pc

    my health is very poor i tired out very quickly and i find it very hard to walk im in a lot of pain most of the time with my back and leg like a balloon im asthmatic and diabetic mark two plus ear problems im completely death in the left ear my health is very poor
          i don't like gardening at all my pet hate

          i love all animals great and small yes i  have a cat but i did say to all my family once he has gone im                 not replacing i meant it im not no im not a vegetarian i go by what the bible said all men will have                  dominion over all animals but i would not do it my self i would not have the heart but i will buy a                    chicken in a shop and eat it same with pork but yes i care all of them i know you would if  i eat them              how can you love them as i said i would not have the heart to do it my self  i see it as more food in the            shop not a living animal thats why 

        i hate voilence i prefer to walk away from it im not a violent man at all 
       i love to hellp where i can but my health stop's it