Thursday, 10 May 2012

this is the  9am 035 from weymouth dorset to victoria service (10:30am on 10/05/2012) my mum and my uncle andy got on the  coach at bournemouth to goto peterborough via london my friend chris said in joking form i hope the coach breakdown but believe it or not it did the day they whent it was a wet day the windscreen wiper would not work the driver had no option but to pull into rownhams on the M27 and wait there for about half an hour for a replacement ccoach from bournemouth depot but mu mum got on the subsequent but it only could take 27 passengers from the coch the rest had to wait for the replacement.

This is not the end of there travel problems that day as they got into london there was a march going on made them even later they miss there connection in london but they was put on a later coach about 4:pm from london to peterborough

this is my mum and andy story but true