Friday, 20 July 2007

this is me again in my old flat before i moved it was a one bed room flat own by a privet lanlord in bournemouth i moved to a two bedroom flat in bournemouth my new landlord is good to me a lot better than my last one.

The last landlord was not good at all ask him to do any work on the flat you will have wait for a very long time i can not say who it is so sorry about that

my new landlord if any work needs doing he is here the next day to do it the flat is only 4 years old.

i love computers buses and cars i have some very old computers like bbc b and the bbc master all in working order an commodore 64 i have two of them a nintendo nes in good working order a sega master system with bult in game sega mega drive and a playstation two

you can get a list of my computer by going to old computers web site click on lick to take a look have a look thanks for reading you may e-mail me on